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Chiropractic/Massage – 1st Visit & Forms

What to expect...

1st Visit
Your first visit will consist of a Health history and Chiropractic Exam. Based on the examination, x-rays or other diagnostic tests may be ordered. The treatment and exam are performed fully clothed and consist of:

  • Posture analysis
  • Range of motion findings
  • Spinal assessment
  • Muscle and orthopedic tests

Treatment is not normally performed on the first visit as the Doctor will spend a considerable amount time reviewing the results of the exam to determine the proper course of treatment. This first visit takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment time so that your paperwork is complete when the doctor is ready to see you.

2nd Visit
Your second visit consists of a Report of Findings prepared & presented by the doctor. This report will outline the postural & movement imbalances, muscle spasm, nerve pressure and inflammatory processes found in your Initial Exam. The doctor will explain your diagnosis and give a prognosis on how long it will take for you to get better. You will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding your condition and will be given the doctors recommendations for care. This will include frequency of visits as well as diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications needed to speed your recovery. Following the report, you will receive your first Chiropractic adjustment.

Ongoing Wellness
After Chiropractic treatment and lifestyle modification have resolved your initial health crisis, you will have the opportunity to choose Chiropractic preventative/wellness care. Of course you can always discontinue care. Yet, most of our patients choose to visit us for periodic checkups. Why? Periodic Chiropractic checkups will help you maintain your improved health and continue the healing process you’ve already begun. Why wait until you are sick or in pain to do something about your health? Chiropractic helps you STAY healthy, to prevent future problems. So you feel your best everyday of your life!

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel, please allow 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment. We reserve the right to charge for no show appointments or deny future scheduling.