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Put the Phone Down to Save Your Neck



Yes, phones have become our primary source to connect with the world, whether it be news, social media, or texting. And that is wreaking havoc on the neck, according to a study by New York spine surgeon Kenneth HansrajHansraj’s study was just published in Surgical Technology International’s 25th edition


As the head bends at an

increasing angle, so to does

the resulting weight that gets

placed on the neck in trying

to support it. For example, a 

sixty degree forward head

bend results in sixty pounds

of pressure on the neck.


The example we like to use is

that the head weighs 10-12

lbs. Imagine carrying a light 

bowling ball with one hand

directly above your head vs. out in front of you. In the latter scenario, you arm would fatigue very quickly. This is what the back of your neck has to contend with when you’re bending your head to stare at a phone, computer, or book.


We are seeing greater instances of forward head posture occurring at a younger age. No one is advocating discontinuing phone usage, but rather, to be more aware of your head position in space. Neck & upper back discomfort from this postural pattern can also be addressed through chiropractic care to re-align the neck vertebrae, as well as strengthening the muscles in the front of the neck.


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